Smartphone Controlled Devices that Simplify Your Life

All modern people have smartphones, the addiction to these communication devices being understandable due to their usefulness not only when it comes to talking to each other, but for doing various actions such as searching fun or useful things on the internet as well. But don’t think that this is the point where the usefulness of the smartphones stops because there are a lot more ways in which they can help make your life easier. With the right devices at your disposal, devices that can be controlled remotely over the smartphone, you will be able to simplify your life considerably by making certain actions more convenient. To learn more on this matter, check out the following lines.

Nest Learning Thermostat T3007ES

The Nest Learning Thermostat T3007ES smart device is a definite must have, allowing you to remotely control the temperature in your home from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This stylish smart thermostat is proven to save energy, thus helping you save a lot of money in the long run. It allows you to check the Energy history over the Nest app on your smartphone in order to get a better idea of how much energy has been consumed and why. The Farsight feature enables the device to sense when you’re across the room in order to light up and show you the time, temperature, or weather. This way, you won’t have to come all the way next to it if you want to check these stats. It uses sensors and your smartphone’s location to figure out when you’re away from home in order to automatically turn itself down and save energy. In addition, it’s capable of automatic scheduling, meaning that the thermostat will learn your schedule and preferences on its own after about a week to spare you of having to change its settings every day.

August Smart Lock

Of course, a security device such as the August Smart Lock couldn’t miss from our list, this item being the ultimate choice to go with for complete security and extreme convenience in use as well. With this smart door lock, you will have complete control over who has access into your home, and you will be able to manage the duration of other’s access as well. Better said, you can use the August app to generate keys that you send via your smartphone to others for them to be able to enter your home. These keys can be canceled whenever you want, so there’s no need to worry about someone staying more than they’re welcome. On your smartphone, you can check the activity log that allows you to see exactly who entered your home and at what hour. Best of all, you will have keyless access into your home, not having to worry about keys that you have to carry with you anymore, keys that you could otherwise lose.

ADT Pulse

The ADT Pulse home automation system isn’t a device per se, but rather a system that comes with smart devices of your choice that contribute to making your life easier by offering you complete control over your home and enhancing home security as well. What makes us recommend the ADT Pulse home automation system is the fact that it comes with security cameras, smoke detection devices, fire detection devices, and carbon detection devices. Also, it offers professional security monitoring, meaning that trained professionals will monitor your security system as well in order to ensure that you won’t fall prey to a break-in. The mobile app of this system makes it extremely convenient to work with it, enabling you to not only keep an eye on your home even when you’re at work or out of the city but allowing you to make various changes remotely when it comes to scheduling as well.